Nokia 3600 Black – A Perfect Amalgamation of Entertainment and Business Features


Nokia 3600 black has registered its presence in every section of users, home users as well as businessmen with its strong multimedia functions. Various attractive ring tones and excited games are equipped with the handsets that catch the attention of the users easily.

The ring tones of Nokia 3600 black:

Nokia 3600 black offers some beautiful animated video ring tones along with the normal ring tones. The main ring tones that are provided with the handset are listed below

Absolute laughing
Hello mam, a cool style video ring tone

Nokia 3600 black in business

3600 black has also acquired the attention of the businessmen because of its some office oriented functions. The main functionality of the handset in business section is described below.

Time card gold Edition, the time card is being employed by the professionals to keep track of the time dedicated to a particular project, customers and staff, it basically performs the job of time manager for businessmen. It is also being used by consultants and layers such as the time that needs to be dedicate to the study of particular case.

Virtual network computing for mobiles, +VLC, by using this facility of 3600 black, the administrators can analyze as well as fix the problems of their personal computer through the handset. The plate forms supported by the handset are Mac, windows and Unix systems.

Stoxx, this is the most productive feature of this mobile phone which keeps the tracks of the stock exchanges. The cost of all vital stock exchanges is being shown on the screen of the mobile phone.

TS mobiles, terminal services for mobiles, these mobiles are RDP (remote desktop protocol) clients that allow the customers to access the office or business applications from anyplace.

The businessmen can use this mobile phone to make their business online and provides various business features. Also with it, it is also providing entertainment features like attractive ringtones, music players, Nokia Maps and Nokia search and various other informative features that make the handset the perfect combination of business and entertainment.

Facebook Business to Business Tips: New Pages Allow Better B2B!

Facebook business to business interactions have always left much to be desired. Recently launched a brand new layout for their pages that makes it much easier for user interaction. I’m very excited about the update, and I think a lot of business owners will be as well. With the new Facebook pages you get:

• Notifications when fans interact with your page or posts
• A place to showcase photos along the top of your page
• A news feed for your page
• The ability to Like and post on other pages as your page

The fact that you can now interact with other pages is HUGE and really gives you a lot more options for business to business marketing on Facebook. I’m pretty excited to start testing out this feature and figuring out the best way to advertise your business, as well as connect with other business leaders.

The notifications are really cool too, and I’m surprised it took Facebook so long to offer this feature.

Finally, if you have an “opt-in” page set up it really lends itself to looking like a more professional website when someone lands on your page for the first time.

I’m pretty excited about these new features, and can’t wait to see what else is in store! I wonder how LinkedIn will react now that Facebook business to business features allow for much more interaction between actual businesses, instead of just business owners.

To update your page to the new page, simply go to your Facebook page’s main page, and at the top you’ll see an “upgrade” option.

What do you think about this? Do you think that the new Facebook business to business opportunity are good, or is there still more to be desired?

How to Cruise Through Your Business Using MLM Practices

There are many processes through which you can increase your MLM practices. There are many ways to bring the best out of your products and business processes when you know the multi level marketing tools will bring solution to your new business features. Online business have just taken defining leaps and bounds to bring in greater usage of the niche marketing system in ways that will totally change the way you see full blown marketing feature to be. There are defining ways through which you can attract your best clients who will just want the products that you are offering. So it is important to have a client base and bring on the best of your website through ezine circulation and bring in the right targeting market features that you are focusing on. There are some of the best of leadership techniques in your own niche circuit through MLM understanding.

There are great ways of bringing in the right clients under your periphery. With the internet opening up new waves and new ways of understanding these are incredible ways to introduce the kind of products that you are looking to present. For every product that you offer and believe in, there are the right kinds of clients, no matter where you are based. Wherever in the world you may be in, if you have a strong MLM oriented business set up and website to present your products, you will have the right kind of deals with your clients. If you know MLM you know how to target the market where you are based.