Is Skype Ready For Business?

Is Skype ready for business? The answer is a solid Yes if you count Skype Extras – third party products that can be used to enhance the basic calling features of Skype. For example, customer relationship-management software vendor (CRM) has integrated Skype into its application.

The Basic Skype Calling Service According to Skype, more than 30% of Skype users are already tapping the service for business. About 97% of them pay for SkypeOut, which allows for calls from a PC to a phone. Among the business users, about 31% list a SkypeIn number on business cards. That service lets people call into a PC from an outside phone.

Compared with fixed landline, one great advantage of using SkypeIn is that you can answer the call anywhere in the world. Your customers simply call a local phone number (SkypeIn number), and Skype routes the call to your computer, such as your laptop computer while you are waiting for your fight in an airport. Similarly, non-U.S. companies can get U.S. numbers and send their incoming calls to agents anywhere in the world.

The baisc Skype calling service, however, lacks some critical business features, such as music on-hold, auto attandent, automated outbound calls, and customizable IVR capabilities.

Skype Public API The Skype solution for the lack of business features is its open Skype API, which allows third party developers to create products that work with Skype. Since its inception, there are thousands of developers in Skype developer programs, and hundreds of software and hardware products created based on Skype API.

Setup Auto-Attandent As shown in the following video demo, it only takes a few minutes to set up an auto-attandent system for your SkypeIn number using Voicent IVR Studio. The vidio demo can be accessed at Voicent’s website.

Setup Custom Support IVR System To design a customer support IVR system normally takes more work. For example, an IVR system might present different options to different callers based on their purchasing history, which normally stored in a company-wide customer database. With IVR Studio, developers can easily implement these features using the tool’s extension methods. More information can be found in IVR Tutorial.

Automated Outbound Calls Whether for service reminders, emmergency notifications, or lead generations, you can take advantage of another tool called Voicent BroadcastByPhone Autodialer. To use the product, all you need to do is create your call list, record your voice message, and click dial. The software takes care of the rest, such as leave a message on an answering machine or a voice mail system. It also allows call transfer to any phone number, such as your cell phone number. So when the person called is interested in your offering, he or she can press a key to have the call transferred to you.

Download and Give it a Try

You can download the whole software package and give it a try. There is no time limit on the trial version.

Small Business Web Design – How to Design a Great Website

Designing a website can be a determining factor in how successful your business can be. With a great website design you can attract more customers or clients. Working with a business that is experienced with small business web design can make all the difference. They can help take a small business and turn it into something bigger when it has a great website behind it. Here are a few tips to think about when designing a website for your small business.

Features: When designing your website there is an endless list of features you could use to improve the look and quality. For example, you could include features that can be helpful such as email, blog, forum, or recent news just to name a few. Having a blog or feedback spot on your website can attract potential customers because they can read actual reviews of your business. Remember not to go crazy with features on your website, too many features can be overwhelming to some people.

Graphics: The use of graphics in your small business web design can let your customers see the brands you sell. You can also have a customized graphic of your business logo to let them see what it is that you do and why they would be smart to buy from you.

Ease of Use: This might be the most important factor to consider when you are designing a website for your small business. It can be frustrating for customers when they are surrounded by useless information. It is important to make your small business web design easy to navigate so that your potential clients or customers will not be turned off by your website, they should be excited about how useful it is and easy to figure out.

Once you have designed a great small business web design, you will find that the time and stress you put into it will be worth the effort. Just be sure to include the information that is most important to your business and not fill your site with useless junk. In the long run it will save you energy, time and money and your customers will like it as well.

Business Web Hosting – Basic Questions in Finding the Best Business Web Host

Building a web site is not really that hard to do, there are many applications, software and templates that can help improve the appearance of a website, but when it comes to building a website for business then it’s a whole different story. Business web hosting will depend on a number of factors.

Choosing the right hosting provider is actually the main key in order to succeed. But because there are many hosting companies offering this today, choosing the best web host can be a bit tricky. To make it easier for you to decide, here are some basic questions to guide you in finding the best business web hosting provider.

1. Are they providing the right hosting package?

Web host companies offer different package deals. Although some of them offer overwhelming features, not all of these features can actually be use in business. Features like free Domain registration, Cpanel and free website management are some of the important features that are mostly needed in business.

2. Are they charging reasonable amount?

Of course budget is important in business. There are many hosting providers who offer the same web services for a much lesser amount, if you think they are over pricing their price then don’t be afraid to leave them behind as there are thousands more to choose from.

3. Will they be able to run 24/7?

For a business to successfully prosper online, a web host provider should always be online 24/7. If it always goes offline, then look for a different web host provider immediately.

Success of a Business web hosting will be very dependent on the hosting provider, which is why choosing the best web host is definitely a must.