Masterful Multimedia On The Nokia N8 And The Business Advantage With The E7

There are a number of handsets that are built for your multimedia and business needs. An example of a handset that is built for multimedia is the HTC Desire HD, and an example of a handset built for your business needs is the HTC 7 Pro. Nokia has now created two handsets that are built for these specific needs. These are the Nokia N8 and E7.

When it comes to multimedia, the N8 comes with a number of features that are sure to make your mobile experience worthwhile. One of these features is its 12 MP digital camera. With this powerful camera, you are sure to capture photos in high-resolution and record videos in high-definition. Aside from this powerful camera, the smartphone comes with other image enhancing features such as Xenon flash, autofocus, image filters, geotagging, and face detection. Furthermore, you can upload your videos and photos on websites like Flickr and YouTube with the phone’s high-speed internet capabilities.

There will be times when you wish you could enjoy your HD videos on a larger HD screen. The Nokia N8 has an answer to this problem. You can make use of the smartphone’s HDMI connection. This will allow you to connect to a larger screen such as an HDTV or HD monitor. This will allow you to watch your videos in front of a larger crowd. Furthermore, the audio quality will sound as good as the HD video. The phone makes use of Dolby Digital Plus technology. Surround sound has never been this good on a mobile phone.

When it comes to your business needs, the E7 is the smartphone that you have been looking for. The handset comes with a number of security and business features that will give you an advantage in business. Features such as a full QWERTY keyboard, Mail for Exchange, Quickoffice, multi-party conference calling, VOIP, remote device management options, and a theft control feature. With these features, you can work on the go and data will always be secure.

This is how you get masterful multimedia on the Nokia N8 and the business advantage with the E7.

The Motorola Milestone 2 Plus Android Business Technology Equals The Motorola Cliq 2

If you know all about the Motorola Milestone 2, you must have been impressed with the phone’s powerful features. However, you must have looked the other way due to the phone’s lack in business features. Now, you get a smartphone that is specifically designed for business in the Motorola Cliq 2.

What do the Motorola Milestone and the Motorola Milestone 2 have in common with the Cliq? They all come with slide out physical QWERTY keyboards. The Cliq also comes with features the Milestone 2 is known for. It can work as hotspot for as much as 5 Wi-Fi devices. It comes with a 1 GHz mobile processor. Both phones run on the latest Android 2.2 Froyo operating system. Lastly, they both come with Motoblur, an application that brings social networking, communication, security, and power management all together. However, the Cliq comes with more features that you are sure to find useful. One of these features is Android Business technology.

The phone comes pre-installed with an app called QuickOffice. This app allows you to view and edit Microsoft documents. These are documents such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. This will transform the Motorola Cliq 2 into your mobile office away from your actual office.

Imagine the possibilities. You can view and edit things like memos, contracts, spreadsheets, proposals, and presentations on the go. You can work while traveling. It also enables you to view documents in PDF format. This will maximize your productivity tenfold. You will never be limited to the walls of your office.

Aside from having the ability to edit documents, the phone comes with other features that have everything to do with work. It comes with other business-ready features such as creating custom-made apps specifically designed for your business through MOTODEV Android Resources. It provides advanced calendaring and contacts by connecting to your corporate network and accesses your corporate directory. Lastly, it comes with advanced security features such as remote wipe for both phone and microSD memory. It also comes with data encryption and automatic wipe if ever someone continuously tries to guess the phone’s password.

VoIP Businesses Solutions – Simplifying the Process of Communication

It has been truly witnessed that every business is based on five main factors: requirement, money, hurry, trust and desire. Each of these factors compliment one another. As a matter of fact, they are closely linked with each other that ultimately inculcates profit at the end. As such, we can say every business establishments create a vision and tries to articulate that vision in order to venture into competition at ease. However, here in this context we cannot ignore an important fact. Actually communication is the most important factor that should be very effective and cost-effective too. This factor actually acts as a catalyst in an business process. In fact, replacing an outdated telephone system or upgrading the active one needs various things. One should the best dealer that would affectively evaluate the needs of the business. The VoIP business solutions can be cited as the best technology to be banked upon.

Basically with the inception of the business VoIP solutions, a normal person and even a businessman has been benefited. These solutions have facilitated them to access long distance and international calls at very cheap rates. In fact, this affordability feature can efficiently justify the rising cost of communication all around the globe. As such switching over to the VoIP technology is just logical. Moreover, these solutions intensify the satisfaction of the users with enhanced call productivity. The users can even exchange data or video files over the unified IP network.

The business VoIP solutions actually vary among the various types of business as they are typically supported by type, operations and size of the business. Consequently, the best solutions would offer you the best benefits in terms of flexibility, security and scalability to the VoIP solution users. These effective solutions would permit the end users to experience seamless connectivity. Quite interestingly it has also been witnessed that while accessing the high-end business calls, the users can even avail various extra features. Additional features like access to email accounts, high speed Internet access and live chats can be enjoyed simultaneously.

Most importantly it must be noted that there are basically two kinds of business VoIP solutions- IP Centrex and call termination. The business users can opt for any solution that would appropriately suit all their business requirements. These high-end solutions are in alignment with the packet switching technology that offers business-class phone options too. This effective technology has highly influenced and incited most of the business establishments to switch over to the high-end voice solutions to enjoy the ultimate benefits. It is actually a very reasonable alternative option as the ultimate aim of the business and corporate houses are to see the face of profit. Moreover, when the monthly bills get reduced to up to 50 percent anybody would feel attracted towards it.