Local-Search Upgrades Affect Traditional Local Businesses

Have you used Yahoo!’s new local-search function? If you haven’t, you owe it to yourself to check it out. They’ve upgraded it with fantastic features geared to make searching for local businesses and services a breeze. Some of these features include user recommendations and reviews of businesses, real-time updates on local event information, and the ability to search for businesses, events, and more within specific neighborhoods rather than forcing the user to wade through the search results for an entire city. In addition, the search engine company has also upgraded its mapping capabilities.

Users also have the option to receive updated search information via RSS – Rich Site Summary, otherwise known as Really Simple Syndication – feeds. This particular feature has, arguably, impacted the scope of the heavy-hitting search engines in Internet users’ lives the most. The race between Yahoo!, Google, MSN, and AOL for market share is never-ending, and each has added its own brand of improvements. The major search engines’ new local-search features are all fantastic for the end user, but what do they mean for local businesses?

In the history of local search, there has been a lot invested in the form of user-friendly improvements by search-engine companies, but these improvements haven’t yielded a noticeable return-on-investment (ROI) for the companies. You might recall search trailblazers Citysearch and MSN Sidewalk – these two engines were an early example of the race to improve search functionality – then again, you might not remember them at all. It wasn’t until Google’s explosion onto the search scene in recent years that the general public really became aware of the power of search on the web. Now “Googling” is a verb.

Much of the public awareness of Internet search comes from Google’s innovations in technology, but until recently, local search wasn’t really a consideration for most Internet users or the businesses featured in search results. However, the improvements that the major search engines are adding are changing that, and if you’re an owner of a traditional local business, you should be paying attention.

More functionality for users means more accountability for business owners. Now that patrons can voice their opinions about the establishments that they frequent, potential customers have an all-access pass to virtually unlimited information about a business before they ever step foot inside the door. The days of businesses relying on a fancy façade and some good ol’ TV ads are quickly fading. Now businesses have to be accountable for just about every step they take, no matter how large or small they are. If a patron of a restaurant or theatre or dentist or landscaper has a bad experience, they have the ability to tell a lot of people all about it quickly and easily.

The prospect of being scrutinized at every turn might seem like a frightening one at best, but there is a definite upside. Just as negative views can spread like wildfire, so can positive perspectives. If you’re putting a concerted effort into your customer service and integrity is integral to the way that you conduct business, you’re bound to get good feedback. And, now more than ever, good feedback with go further than it ever has before.

Perhaps more importantly, though, it’s up to traditional local businesses to make sure that they have online presences. I live in a mid-sized community, and I was surprised to find as many reviews about local eateries, mechanics, and events as I did. It’s not just businesses located in large cities that need to take heed. The proliferation of the Internet – and local search capabilities – is affecting communities far and wide. Since more and more people are utilizing the web to find the goods and services that they want, it only stands to reason that you should ensure your business is in front of them. These folks are your potential customers, after all.

There are a lot of ways that you can improve your online presence, but the first step of putting yourself in a position to grow your traditional local business is being aware that the Internet will affect your business one way or another, negatively or positively. It’s up to you to take control of which way you want things to go. Take some time to surf the web. Use the new features that the search engines are rolling out. Pay attention to what customers are saying about traditional local businesses. Accessing that information now will be invaluable to your success later.

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A Business Phone That Cares For The Environment With The Nokia E7 In Green

There are a number of handset models that are specifically designed for the career-oriented individual. Examples of these phones are the Blackberry Torch, the Motorola Milestone 2, and the Sony Ericson Vivaz Pro. However, none of the handsets mentioned above come with numerous features that are geared towards conservation and environmental awareness. This is exactly what the Nokia E7 in green has to offer.

When it comes to business features the E7 comes with features that make it one of the most ideal business phones in the market. It comes with Mail for Exchange for real-time work emails. The phone comes with Microsoft Office integration that allows you to view and edit document in Microsoft Office format. It allows you to view documents in PDF format with an Adobe Reader. It comes pre-installed with a Traveler app to help you keep track of flights. You gain access to the Ovi Store where you can purchase and download more business apps. Lastly, it comes with security features in the event that someone steals the phone.

Aside from being an ideal business phone, the Nokia E7 is an environmentally friendly phone at the same time. It comes with an assortment of features that constantly make you aware of environmental issues.

When it comes to conserving energy, the phone’s charger is highly efficient in charging its batteries. If ever you forget about unplugging the charger, the phone gives off a reminder when the batteries are fully charged. It comes with an ambient light sensor for detecting sufficient lighting. It also comes with a power save mode.

The phone also comes with an assortment of eco content services. It comes pre-installed with environmental themes and ringtones. With Ovi Services, the most optimal routes are plotted for more efficient fuel consumption. It also comes with pedestrian route directions to promote traveling by foot.

Aside from its features and services offered, the Nokia E7 in Green is free from environmentally hazardous materials. Using the phone will never leave a heavy burden on your conscience. You get both an environmentally friendly phone and a phone that is perfect for business.

Nokia 3600 Black – A Perfect Amalgamation of Entertainment and Business Features


Nokia 3600 black has registered its presence in every section of users, home users as well as businessmen with its strong multimedia functions. Various attractive ring tones and excited games are equipped with the handsets that catch the attention of the users easily.

The ring tones of Nokia 3600 black:

Nokia 3600 black offers some beautiful animated video ring tones along with the normal ring tones. The main ring tones that are provided with the handset are listed below

Absolute laughing
Hello mam, a cool style video ring tone

Nokia 3600 black in business

3600 black has also acquired the attention of the businessmen because of its some office oriented functions. The main functionality of the handset in business section is described below.

Time card gold Edition, the time card is being employed by the professionals to keep track of the time dedicated to a particular project, customers and staff, it basically performs the job of time manager for businessmen. It is also being used by consultants and layers such as the time that needs to be dedicate to the study of particular case.

Virtual network computing for mobiles, +VLC, by using this facility of 3600 black, the administrators can analyze as well as fix the problems of their personal computer through the handset. The plate forms supported by the handset are Mac, windows and Unix systems.

Stoxx, this is the most productive feature of this mobile phone which keeps the tracks of the stock exchanges. The cost of all vital stock exchanges is being shown on the screen of the mobile phone.

TS mobiles, terminal services for mobiles, these mobiles are RDP (remote desktop protocol) clients that allow the customers to access the office or business applications from anyplace.

The businessmen can use this mobile phone to make their business online and provides various business features. Also with it, it is also providing entertainment features like attractive ringtones, music players, Nokia Maps and Nokia search and various other informative features that make the handset the perfect combination of business and entertainment.