The Nokia E6 – The Business Optimized Symbian Anna Smartphone

When we talk about business optimized smartphones, the first phone manufacturer that comes to mind is RIM. Its Blackberry handsets have been long preferred by career-oriented individuals and businessmen for the enterprise features on these handsets such as the Blackberry Torch and Bold. Now, the Finnish phone giant Nokia has a number of handsets that offer business features. One of the more advanced business handheld mobile devices in its roster is the E6.

Before anything else, this new handset has an advantage over past business handsets by the Finnish manufacturer such as the E7. It is powered by the latest iteration of Symbian, the Symbian Anna version. This has a number of advantages such as faster web browsing, new looking icons, and so much more.

One of the business features the phone has to offer is multi-level security. It offers device and content security. These features include a security key-activated device lock, administrator-controlled remote lock, password-protected memory card security, administrator-restricted call barring, web accessibility via digital certificates, and memory encryption. This means that the handset will keep important data stored in the phone safe at all times.

Another enterprising feature is secure connectivity. The Nokia E6 offers email client support for secure work email delivery in real-time. It also offers secure and lightning-fast web browsing for gathering information while out of the office. It offers to mange Bluetooth visibility for more secure Bluetooth connections and syncing. It also comes with VPN options that allow users to access corporate or private networks over the intranet. This can also be used to make business VOIP calls.

Device management options on the mobile device are also top notch. It offers simple password prevention, password history tracking, maximum password attempts, data wipe after security breach, email attachment management, HTML viewing, a calendar filter, and an email filter. These options will help users control security levels on the Nokia E6.

Malware and viruses are the most rampant security threats that plague mobile phones. Since this handset is designed to keep data safe, it is well protected from threats. The phone offers a number of third-party applications that users can choose from. These applications offer the most reliable protection in the smartphone world.

Aside from these security features, the phone offers users a practical method of entering input. This is a physical full QWERTY keyboard. With this keyboard, the phone is optimized for emails, SMS, chat, documents, and so much more.

With the Nokia E6, you get a business optimized smartphone.

Nokia X3-O2 Deals Is Still Popular Without Having Business Features

Nokia phones are very much popular since past many era. Carrying the latest Nokia phones means you are carrying the world with you as they are loaded with multiple high end features. It comes up with a new handset every month. Recently its X3-O2 has been launched in the telecom market of UK. As it has launched, it is being offered by all top networks of UK like vodafone, orange, three, t mobile etc. One can visit various online mobile phone shop, and grab the smart Nokia X3-O2 Deals through many mobile phone deals.

This handset has got very cool looks with amazing features. Though the handset is very light weight so it can be carried very easily. It is built with 2.4 inches TFT resistive touchscreen. One can type in its touchscreen and can also type in its keypad. The multimedia features that it has is high defined camera of 5 MP with high resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels and the other feature is that it supports various media formats. You can play music and videos in different formats. It is available in different colors like White Silver, Dark Metal, Petrol Blue, Pink and Lilac. It has got internal memory of 50 MB with expandable memory of up to 32GB which can be done through its memory card slot. Internet access through GPRS, WLAN, EDGE, 3G is possible along with high speed and you can access various social networking websites like Facebook, orkut, twitter etc. The battery back up is also very good as it offers talk time of Up to 5 h 20 min (2G) and Up to 3 h 30 min (3G).

It is available as contract phone, pay as you go phone and sim free phone. Nokia X3-02 Deals with any of the network is best option to go for as it offers multiple benefits to users.

A Business 800 Number – Important FAQ on Getting 800 Business Phone Numbers

What are the benefits of an business 800 number?

There are many features that can be added to a business 800 number. Basic features such as call forwarding, call transferring, voicemail, and some automated options are usually included at no extra cost to the regular monthly fee.

More complicated business features like voice faxing, dial by name directories, click to call website options, can be added to a business 800 number, but will result in a higher monthly fee. When searching a company’s website for available options it is best to explore them, and choose the ones that will work best for you.

How much do 800 business phone numbers cost?

The cost of a business 800 number will vary according to the features you choose and the company you wish to order from, but it can be quite affordable.

For example, you can get a business 800 number with basic features starting at only $9.99 per month. As you add more features the price of the monthly plan will get higher and can grow to be as much as $99.99 or more per month for a full featured 800 number. Some companies will charge a flat monthly fee, and others will charge a per minute rate. A per minute rate could be beneficial to a small business that may not use the phone number as often.

How hard is it to setup and maintain 800 business phone numbers?

Years ago the setup process for a business 800 number was complicated and took a lot of time. Now, most companies offer numbers that can be setup and maintained online. From a companies website you can order, setup, and make changes to your business number.

When looking for a company to purchase your business 800 number from, you may want to look into what kind of system they utilize, and how user friendly it is. Sometimes it may be more beneficial to pay a small amount more for a company whose system is easier to work with.

Can I choose any number that I want?

You have two choices when choosing the actual business 800 number that you will be assigned. You can either choose form a pool of available 800 numbers, or you can choose a vanity number. Vanity numbers allow you to utilize a memorable phrase or name such as “1-800-out-back,” as the end of your phone number instead of just numbers. These numbers can be better if you are marketing a lot and want people to remember your number on the go.

Where can I purchase 800 business phone numbers?

There are a wide variety of companies all over the Internet that offer various plans at different prices to serve the needs of large or small businesses. It is best to do your research, compare prices and features, and conduct checks on a company’s reputation before making your final choice.