A Business 800 Number – Important FAQ on Getting 800 Business Phone Numbers

What are the benefits of an business 800 number?

There are many features that can be added to a business 800 number. Basic features such as call forwarding, call transferring, voicemail, and some automated options are usually included at no extra cost to the regular monthly fee.

More complicated business features like voice faxing, dial by name directories, click to call website options, can be added to a business 800 number, but will result in a higher monthly fee. When searching a company’s website for available options it is best to explore them, and choose the ones that will work best for you.

How much do 800 business phone numbers cost?

The cost of a business 800 number will vary according to the features you choose and the company you wish to order from, but it can be quite affordable.

For example, you can get a business 800 number with basic features starting at only $9.99 per month. As you add more features the price of the monthly plan will get higher and can grow to be as much as $99.99 or more per month for a full featured 800 number. Some companies will charge a flat monthly fee, and others will charge a per minute rate. A per minute rate could be beneficial to a small business that may not use the phone number as often.

How hard is it to setup and maintain 800 business phone numbers?

Years ago the setup process for a business 800 number was complicated and took a lot of time. Now, most companies offer numbers that can be setup and maintained online. From a companies website you can order, setup, and make changes to your business number.

When looking for a company to purchase your business 800 number from, you may want to look into what kind of system they utilize, and how user friendly it is. Sometimes it may be more beneficial to pay a small amount more for a company whose system is easier to work with.

Can I choose any number that I want?

You have two choices when choosing the actual business 800 number that you will be assigned. You can either choose form a pool of available 800 numbers, or you can choose a vanity number. Vanity numbers allow you to utilize a memorable phrase or name such as “1-800-out-back,” as the end of your phone number instead of just numbers. These numbers can be better if you are marketing a lot and want people to remember your number on the go.

Where can I purchase 800 business phone numbers?

There are a wide variety of companies all over the Internet that offer various plans at different prices to serve the needs of large or small businesses. It is best to do your research, compare prices and features, and conduct checks on a company’s reputation before making your final choice.