BlackBerry V iPhone for Your Business – You Decide!

Many would really like to know which smartphone is better value, easier to use and the most useful. To be honest, it all depends on what you are using the business smartphone for. Both are very useful and have some great applications they offer a variety of different features that can be beneficial for your business. Deciding whether BlackBerry or iPhone is better for your business comes down to comparing the business features offered by each company.

Think about what the main features you would like to use. If for instance, you are an estate agent then a good camera might be what you are looking for. If you are a general business corporation and need to access information on the road then emails and calendars maybe more important to access.


If like many, your business needs to stay in contact with colleagues and clients at all times, email is going to be your most essential feature. Both BlackBerry and iPhone have built-in email functions with numerous beneficial features. BlackBerry and iPhone each integrate with Microsoft Outlook, support HTML viewing, which allows messages to show text formatting and images, provide folder management systems for separating emails and also allowing you to view attachments. I would say BlackBerry has the edge with this feature as you can search emails on your office based computers even if those emails have been deleted from your BlackBerry smartphone and you can set up out-of-office replies in Outlook from your phone, something the iPhone cannot do.

Verdict = BlackBerry


A calendar system is offered by both BlackBerry and iPhone to keep track of your appointments, events or meetings. BlackBerry offers automatic synchronization with the Microsoft Outlook so that your office calendar is updated without needing to connect to your computer. The iPhone does not do this, however it does support multiple time zone support so depending on what you need from your business smartphone would determine which is more useful.

Verdict = non-conclusive


BlackBerry and iPhone both integrate with desktop computers. BlackBerry phones use their own BlackBerry Desktop software, which can sync information stored on the business smartphone, including calendar and contacts with one sync process, while also providing the automatic sync features with Microsoft Outlook. iPhone synchronizes to desktop programs like Microsoft Exchange, but the process requires the exporting and importing of files from the iPhone, making the process long winded and time consuming.

Verdict = BlackBerry


Both smartphones have excellent camera features, although the iPhone’s 8-megapixel camera and 1080p HD video recorder is somewhat better than the BlackBerry’s 5-megapixel camera and 720p HD video recorder, however for most business people the latter is more than sufficient for a business smartphone.

The iPhone also has a larger memory, but is this better than the BlackBerry’s expandable memory? BlackBerry’s 8GB internal memory will be more than enough for the average business user depending on what you would be using it for, but others may prefer the iPhone’s 16/32/66GB capabilities.

Verdict = iPhone

So to conclude, although the iPhone is a fantastic piece of equipment it is more suited for personal use or if you have a real need for a high spec camera or application use. If you are using you smartphone to receive emails, upload appointment information or to synchronize your calendar then the BlackBerry is the best on the market!