Business Web Hosting – Basic Questions in Finding the Best Business Web Host

Building a web site is not really that hard to do, there are many applications, software and templates that can help improve the appearance of a website, but when it comes to building a website for business then it’s a whole different story. Business web hosting will depend on a number of factors.

Choosing the right hosting provider is actually the main key in order to succeed. But because there are many hosting companies offering this today, choosing the best web host can be a bit tricky. To make it easier for you to decide, here are some basic questions to guide you in finding the best business web hosting provider.

1. Are they providing the right hosting package?

Web host companies offer different package deals. Although some of them offer overwhelming features, not all of these features can actually be use in business. Features like free Domain registration, Cpanel and free website management are some of the important features that are mostly needed in business.

2. Are they charging reasonable amount?

Of course budget is important in business. There are many hosting providers who offer the same web services for a much lesser amount, if you think they are over pricing their price then don’t be afraid to leave them behind as there are thousands more to choose from.

3. Will they be able to run 24/7?

For a business to successfully prosper online, a web host provider should always be online 24/7. If it always goes offline, then look for a different web host provider immediately.

Success of a Business web hosting will be very dependent on the hosting provider, which is why choosing the best web host is definitely a must.

Twitter Goes Business

Social media is answering the call of the business world with social networking sites creating features specifically to assist and benefit businesses. With businesses’ use of social media on the rapid increase, it was surely simply a matter of time before social networking sites began to adapt features of their sites to make things that little bit easier for companies to use SM for their business online. SM platforms are becoming more of a viable, reputable business option rather than an online hobby reserved only for those particularly internet-savvy business folk.

Twitter takes the lead

Twitter has recently announced that their Business Centre feature is under testing. Hand selected businesses are currently trialling. Called the ‘Twitter Toolkit’, the main feature lets businesses accept direct messages to their accounts from people they are not following. It allows businesses to communicate directly with clientele or customers without having to go to the trouble of ‘following’ them back first. This looks to be a huge help for businesses wishing to use Twitter as one of their key social media outlets – customer service situations such as feedback and complaints can be dealt with online without the business having to follow everyone that wants to ask a question. Another feature is the Contributers tab, which allows businesses to add multiple users to the one account, allowing those users to then all be able to tweet from the same account. This will be a huge help when it comes to collaborative communication, both internally and with the public.

Access granted

Other business orientated online programs and websites are using allowing easier access and maintenance of social media, as we realise that this is one fad that is isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. VerticalResponse, a popular online content management application, created a social media functionality feature at the beginning of the 2010 that enables small business customers to share their email marketing content with popular social networks. Using this, you can publish your mass business emails to Twitter or Facebook, both saving time and getting your message out there in mass and more easily. You can ‘cross-promote’ your news across a variety of SM networks. Users simply have to link their social media accounts to their VR account, and by clicking a ‘Share email’ button, a URL will be posted on their social media accounts linking back to mass emails. VerticalResponse obviously realise the social media is no longer simply a novelty, but an integral part of many businesses’ marketing campaigns.

What can we expect in the future?

Due to this now ‘mainstream’ acceptance of SM applications creating their own business features, or adapting to suit the needs of business users. At the moment, social media is being used in businesses mainly in the marketing and public relations capacities, with sales and collaborative communication still only used by some. Studies have also found that interestingly, the smaller the company, the more likely that social media is being used as a business tool. This is perhaps due to that fact that larger organisations have the ability and finance to use other resources, whilst SMEs may find the inexpensive social media option the way to go. Whatever the reason, there is obviously much room to improve to attract bigger businesses to social media usage, and that will surely contribute to the change and adaptation of social media for businesses.

Business Features and Programs for the Samsung Charge

Many small business owners look at their as a huge tool to keep in touch with employees, customers and other business associates. They fail to realize that the Samsung Charge can help them accomplish much more than that. The Samsung Charge could do tons like help manage emails, schedules and even manage their finance. If you explore all the awesome features that the Charge offers, you’ll most likely find some amazing things to benefit you.

But even then, many small business owners are constantly trying to find way to multitask. One of the best things about the Charge is that it makes it easy to multitask. For instance, if a user is on the phone with a client, but needs to reference an e-mail, they can do both things at once. Not only can users talk and surf the web or access e-mail at the same time, but they can do so quickly. The Samsung Charge, which is 4G capable, is one of the fastest phones available. This is perfect for the business owner that doesn’t have time to wait around while their phone loads a web page. And if you’re looking for an even easier way to multitask, you might want to use a headset to take calls.

The Samsung Charge can also work as a planner. Balancing a hectic schedule is no easy feat. Instead of carrying around a separate planner, small business owners can track their schedule in their phone’s calendar. Those that need a better calendar can download the Business Calendar app from the Android Market. This application is easier to use and will sync to a user’s Google calendars, which is a nice bonus. Business Owners that need help remembering everything that happened throughout their day can also download the myDay Journal. This application makes it possible for small business owners.

The Android store provides tons of unique apps that can help you run your business more effectively. One such app is called ProOnGo Expense. ProOnGo Expense allows business owners to track their business expenses, their employees’ expenses, scan and store receipts, track mileage when traveling, and track the time they spend with clients. ProOnGo Expense can also be synced to your business credit cards so that every expense will automatically be recorded. The app can also be synced to QuickBooks to keep everything organized. Another beneficial app is Square. With Square, there is no reason not to accept credit cards. Square works as a point of sale system that allows business owners to accept all major credit cards. After creating an account, users will even be sent a free credit card reader.

Business owners can also use their phone to share files. Instead of transferring files using a data cable, DropBox is an app that will let you store files wirelessly. Dropbox gives users 2 GB of free storage, but can be upgraded if you end up needing more. Taking advantage of these business apps will ensure that you get the most from your Samsung Charge. The only thing you will need to remember is to keep your battery fully charged. You wouldn’t want your new business tool to run out of power in the middle of a busy workday. That is why accessories are the best way to fully take advantage of your phone’s features.